Seeking Partners in Crime


Moo fools,

Anyone have any good ideas for some comdey videos or a desire to work behind the camera? If you live in Orlando, FL and want to film, write, create, and edit digital gold. Let me know.

Write to me at:




Damn White Man…

Today, a Native American gentleman walked into my office to handle some paperwork. A co-worker asked him, “Where did he get those awesome feathers in his hat?” The man explained, “The feathers were passed down from generation to generation. Given to warriors who fought in great battles against the pilgrims.”  My co-worker with a face of amazement asked, “How did you live so many years after your fight with the pilgrims?” The man stopped talking after that question. – GMD

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Karate Auditions Compilation

Here are a few Karate losers. Enjoy friends and family. – GMD

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New Year Resolution… Give a crap.

The year of 2011 was interesting and a set-up for a lot of things that will occur in 2012. I hope 2012 is great for all around and I promise to give you the best of dumbness year around.

What’s new for us next year:  “Election 2012: The Race for the Dumb House”, Webseries: “Makin Rent”, and your regular dumb news from around the world.

Enjoy what’s left of 2011 and remember do the last bit of dumb that you can before 2012. We start the whistle blowing at midnight fools.


Juan Ortiz – Mayor of Great Moments in Dumbness

Toyota Commercial Family: Swagger Wagon

Toyota decided to make a music video with actors from one of their commercials. The end result is hilarious. Here is the SWAGGER WAGON! – GMD

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Blame Infomercials for Moral Decay

I hope this guy goes out of business. This if anything is the most annoying commercial on TV, besides those Massengill commercials from the 80’s (will post one soon). Anyways, watch and enjoy! – GMD

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