GMD Presents: Made In China

Its obvious that the Chinese have given us great inventions. We all have seen the advancement in their innovation, but remember with the good always comes the bad. Here are a few examples of the bad. The Chinese welcome you to their epic invention fails. Enjoy!

1. Stick-o-Butter – “Never leave home without your cholesterol”

Yes, “Butter, stick type” as branded on the tube. Who in the hell is so lazy that they cannot get a knife and spread butter like everyone else. As if you need your butter to possibly be mobile. Maybe iButter, cholesterol on the go.

2. Tissue Head – “Snot has never been cleaned so easy.”

Imagine you are about to sneeze and you need a tissue… What to do? No problem get tissue head, the ridiculous tissue dispenser. God help us. if this were to ever catch on. Like pulling a napkin out of your pockets was stupid.

3. Male Feed – “When your wife is just too busy using her breast for something else”

You may think that this invention is stupid, but… no your right its stupid. Why would any man want to do this, unless you have identity issues. Most importantly, why would any man do this in public.

4. Lazy Wait – “When waiting too long, makes you kill yourself.”

The inventor needs to sell an additional noose with this.

5. The Heatinator – “Those noodles will never know what hit them.”

Only the Chinese would use this. In a way, I want one.

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