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SSHM of the Day – Ice Cream Van

SSHM of the Day (Should of Stayed Home Man)

This one is a classic case of showing off vs. just being humble. This guy of performed his little dance on the sidewalk, but no he had to do it on the street. Of course, its more hood if you do it when there’s on coming traffic. Well buddy, you are our SSHM of the Day.


ASSuming is never the right thing…

So, last week my upstairs neighbors knocked on my door yelling that someone had parked in their spot and it was the third time and they’d call the cops. These neighbors, were the same ones who chose to practice their tribal dances at 7am on Saturdays and apparently loved to sing Karaoke at the top of their lungs on the balcony at 1am every night. So, my sister bluntly mentioned that if they felt the right to call the cops on us, we’d do the same for their noise disturbances. My aunt, who indeed had parked in someone’s spot moved her car and all was good.

20 minutes later… we get a note to our door that reads:

Dear Neighbors,

I’d like to apologize for yelling at you earlier, we realized that you actually had not parked in our spot but rather,on accident we tried to park in the wrong spot. Please forgive us and we will try to keep it down next time.

Your upstairs neighbors. – GMD

(Submitted by: Shelika B. – Orlando, FL.)

Mug Shots…

"May the force be with you." I had to say it...


Police say a Florida man masturbated to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in a Sarasota Walmart. Yes, this is already weird and it gets creepier. The man did this in the toy aisle, unleashing his semen onto the floor.

Wait, it gets better… because he then wiped his hand on the nearest thing he could find: a toy Star Wars lightsaber.

William Tyler Black, a 28-year-old substitute teacher, claimed he was looking for a toy for his daughter.


Did he just involve his daughter in this mess…

The sicko, allegedly told police afterward, “I swear I’m not a pervert.”

Nope. Just a really big fan of Star Wars and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue who got very excited when he found both in the same place. – GMD



Hello Again.

Hello Good people,

Well, its been awhile since my last post. I got a bit busy and was debating whether I should continue this blog. Now, I realize I should no matter what. So, as of today I’m going to post the crap out of this blog. Stupidity is coming your way by the truck loads. I want to apologize now… That’s it.