America Meet Your Wiener…

America is full of people that we dislike, here is one that you might upgrade to pure hatred. Anthony Dickhead decided that it would be interesting to post pictures of himself shirtless on his Twitter account. He claims to send the pictures to a girl that was following him (by the way, she might be a minor too). Apparently the pictures like his judgement got loose and caused a huge issue. He also posted pictures of his penis as well to share with his friends, like a picture of a penis will guarantee a great turn out at the polls (no pun intended). When confronted about the pictures, Anthony blamed hackers for the posts on his Twitter account. Of course, politicians can’t lie to save their lives (Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jr., Nixon – just naming a few). Now, in a act that defines pride and ego. Anthony refuses to resign and wants to stay in congress. Well Mr. Wiener, just like your dick photos you will be out as well. Take care and happy photographing. – GMD

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