Casey Anthony – Angry Hobbit

The Casey Anthony trial has been one of the most televised trials in history. The case is very sensitive due to the nature of the crime involving a child. I tried not to watch, but today my curiosity got the best of me. What I saw next bothered me all day. What the hell is up with Casey Anthony’s hair style? She looks like Peter Jackson’s make-up crew dress her for the hobbit sequel. She apparently was angry at the screen in front of her as she tried to explode it with her mind. This chick has issues, but scarier is the fact that she has learned nothing from Amy Winehouse; hair bumps are for drunk idiots that can’t get their lives together. – GMD

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One thought on “Casey Anthony – Angry Hobbit

  1. ZeroSum Ruler says:

    I heard that people with low ears are genetically inclined to be criminals.

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