Inappropriate Coloring Book

Here’s a new twist on something very old… coloring. Inappropriate Coloring Book, is a collection of weird, misunderstood and frankly inappropriate coloring pages from the internet.  We complied the best of those pages in this section. Laugh and enjoy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 – Pages 7, 8, and 9

9. “Banana Wang” – Ladies this one is for you. Please stop eating bananas in public. Seriously, its causing accidents and dry cleaning bills are through the roof. Maybe, dry cleaners and banana companies are in on this. (Suspenseful moment) – GMD

8. “Rastafarian or Homeless” – Shit if I know. Every time I see a homeless person: I stop, pause, and try to hear if any Bob Marley is playing or try to smell if the janjaweed is in the air. Damn Rastafarian’s  are confusing innocent people like me. – GMD

Note: Just because its your belief Rasta’s, does not mean you can’t shower and STOP taking my dollars.

7. “You Did What” – Have you ever been in a conversation that had a awkward moment? We all have and there is normally a phrase like the one above. – GMD

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 – Pages 5 & 6

It's cold here Senor!

6. “Ice Mexican” – When you watch a documentary on Eskimos, have you ever wondered if they are descendants of Mexicans. Ice cone tacos for everyone! – GMD

This baby is very, very, special.

5. “Spee” – When I look at weird looking baby. The thought always surges, is this baby part sperm and part urine… It may be mean to think that, but at least I’m willing to explore the idea. – GMD

Friday, April 2, 2010 – Pages 3 & 4

I hate you...

4. “Kill  Your Twin” – The worst thing in the world is someone imitating you. Well, for some people life has played this horrible joke on them for the rest of their lives. You have a twin… what do you do about? This coloring page teaches children of eliminating any “extra you”. This a joke don’t kill anyone… seriously. – GMD

Winning the Gold

3. “Gaynastics” – You probably watch the Summer Olympics and wonder how those gymnastics guys wear those tight outfits. Well, the answer is they’re gay. Not all of them, but the majority seem gay. – GMD

Monday, March 22, 2010 – Pages 1 & 2

“This can’t be made up”

2. “Pimp or Leprechaun” – If you have ever wondered where black people get those amazingly colorful suits, you will enjoy this. I found this page, searching for black heroes. So, I decided to color the page and add my twist. Now, try to find that pot of gold, its probably going to be a chain soon. – GMD

“Only White People”

1. “What Did You Learn” – “Billy, don’t swim too far”. Only white people swim past the recommended distant. Like if talking dolphins will magically appear and take them on a ride to an underwater world of coral reefs and mermaids. Idiot please… the floating buoy is really out there to tell white people “If you can touch this, your gonna die.” – GMD


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