Pissed-at-Men Syndrome

It’s funny, the thing teenagers get worked up over. So, you’ve managed to develop a miniscule blemish on your face the morning of school picture day? And the new shirt you bought especially for the occasion is currently in the wash? Yes, that is a completely acceptable reason to cry your mascara-ed up eyeballs out and threaten never to set foot outside your room again.

Well, one 15 year old in Washington has taken teen angst to the extreme. After her father took her phone away, she decided to demonstrate her disagreement by shooting him with a hunting bow. According to MSNBC, he then had to crawl all the way to a neighbor’s house (in critical condition) to call 911, because she wouldn’t even let him use the phone. Our little rebel then fled into the woods where she was eventually surrounded by the police and arrested. So, next time you start to think maybe you’re being a brat to your parents, and they deserve to be treated a little nicer because of all they’ve done for you….remember, compared to that, you’re an angel. – GMD

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Montel Williams, from Talk Show host to Weed Man

Montel Williams, the once famous talk show host. Has decided to open his own medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, CA. The future smoke house the bald headed talk beast, will be a place of “education” as he stated in his comments:

“We believe they’re coming in here to be educated,” Williams told News 10 of potential customers. “They’re coming in here so they can feel comfortable, so to make them feel comfortable we’re going to be providing them with more information and more guidance than I believe any facility in this country is attempting to do.”

You do your thing Montel, make sure you smoke the weed after the shop is done and open. You won’t anything done if you start now. – GMD

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America Meet Your Wiener…

America is full of people that we dislike, here is one that you might upgrade to pure hatred. Anthony Dickhead decided that it would be interesting to post pictures of himself shirtless on his Twitter account. He claims to send the pictures to a girl that was following him (by the way, she might be a minor too). Apparently the pictures like his judgement got loose and caused a huge issue. He also posted pictures of his penis as well to share with his friends, like a picture of a penis will guarantee a great turn out at the polls (no pun intended). When confronted about the pictures, Anthony blamed hackers for the posts on his Twitter account. Of course, politicians can’t lie to save their lives (Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jr., Nixon – just naming a few). Now, in a act that defines pride and ego. Anthony refuses to resign and wants to stay in congress. Well Mr. Wiener, just like your dick photos you will be out as well. Take care and happy photographing. – GMD

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Casey Anthony – Angry Hobbit

The Casey Anthony trial has been one of the most televised trials in history. The case is very sensitive due to the nature of the crime involving a child. I tried not to watch, but today my curiosity got the best of me. What I saw next bothered me all day. What the hell is up with Casey Anthony’s hair style? She looks like Peter Jackson’s make-up crew dress her for the hobbit sequel. She apparently was angry at the screen in front of her as she tried to explode it with her mind. This chick has issues, but scarier is the fact that she has learned nothing from Amy Winehouse; hair bumps are for drunk idiots that can’t get their lives together. – GMD

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Little Girl + Dead Squirrel = Horrible Parenting

I love how Dad has not thought about some crazy disease that the squirrel could have. Love you Dad for squirrel AIDS. – GMD

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Rick Santorum: The People Have Spoken

His Neighbor Wrote This

Rick Santorum, is probably a political figure of some sort (I don’t care enough to check) or some business owner in a part of America, where taking a picture with a shotgun makes people say, “I want to buy crap from that guy”. The point is Ricky here is oblivious hatred in his town (see Rick its not just your parents). The idiot that took the time to vandalize the billboard, didn’t take the time to spell check the word “needs”. Besides that, Rick you have been outed. – GMD

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The New Standard for Second Base

TSA worker: "I have felt C4 before, this is too meaty."

Homeland Security, has taken a lot of flack lately about their new full body scanners and full body checks (like the uncomfortable photo above). I think TSA is doing a public service, well at least in San Francisco. How does another man shoving his hand up into my groin, help the fight against terrorism. The only terrorist being caught here is testicular cancer (cancer, you had it coming). TSA please find another way to find the threatening things you are searching for and stop making me feel uncomfortable after you jiggle my friends below. I mean come on how can say, “Thank you for keep America safe, after you Gitmo raped me”. – GMD

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Cut Out the Middle Man (or The Milk Man)

Dare I say, "She has a milk mustache". Sorry.

Sometimes when you see a photo, the reaction is more priceless than the actual photo itself. When I saw this, my reaction was vomit. Maybe this photo comes from the set of the new show “Fear Factor: India” which is weird because the cow is sacred to them. Even if so, this a weird way to show your gratitude and loyalty (maybe not… never mind). The point is lady milk is easy to get, stop by the supermarket and do as all American’s do. Buy the milk, BBQ the meat. Yeah America. – GMD

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